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Q. How long does it take to wax and edge a pair of skis?

A. As an example, if they are in by Saturday Morning they will be ready by the following Saturday afternoon (usually its dependant on how much work has come in)

Q. Can you do a faster turnaround?

A. Yes, depending on what's come in, it is possible to do ski's or boards faster, give me a call

Q. What wax do you use?

A. Dominator Zoom, for the slopes and Polar X for indoor or dry slopes, for new skis and on the ++ service it's Dominator Base Renew followed by Zoom.


Q. I am going to ski on an indoor slope, is there anything specific I should know

A. The snow on indoor slopes is generally more abrasive, its better to have a harder wax applied,

     I use Datawax Polar X 


Q. How should I store my ski's

A. Store then in a dry place, you want to avoid anywhere that may be damp or have extreme temperatures, such as the cellar or attic, under the bed on their sides with the binding closed, as if you had a boot in them.

Q. Do you service Snowboards

A.Very simple yes, the prices are the same as for a ski service

Q. Used my ski's for a week, what servcie would you recommend

A.If they have never been waxed then the ++, just to get a reasonable level of wax into the ski,and to clean out the base, as new ski's don't really come waxed for a weeks skiing.

Q. Why wax ?

A. the more you wax the faster you go A guide to ski wax

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